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April 27, 2021

Fall Creek Ranch Wedding David + Laura

David, Laura, and I met the Tuesday before their wedding to iron out the final details and get to know each other. For their Fall Creek Ranch Wedding I could tell that creating an atmosphere where people felt relaxed was important to them. They had outdoor games, beautiful scenery at every turn, and even a sketch artist to sketch the guests favors.

The day was beautiful and relaxing. The perfect kind of wedding that feels like your at home with your friends in the backyard just enjoying each others company!

I love starting the day off with the brides details. The flowers alone got me so excited for the day but each and every detail that Laura provided was so beautiful! I loved getting to incorporate a little bit of the back drop of the venue with the details!

This Fall Creek Ranch wedding had the most beautiful views. The creek runs right through the property and guests walked across a covered bridge to get to the venue.

One thing the couple requested was photos with the beloved “Jeep Jeep”, the brides car. I was MOST excited about this! Nathan and I had a Jeep just like this one when we were first married. We have photos of Jaxan riding in the back with his cousin when they were little. So glad we could include Jeep Jeep in their photos!

Thoughts from the bride and groom

What was the most memorable part of the day?

Bride:Right before we were introduced at the reception when we were the only ones outside looking in at everyone.

Groom:The times I was with Laura: first look, first dance, sunset photos…

What was it like planning during COVID? What was your biggest challenge?

Bride:Figuring out how to serve appetizers individually.

Groom:The logistics of serving food in a COVID conscious way. Honeymoon planning was a nightmare. Covid prevented the type of honeymoon we would have otherwise taken.

What advice do you have for future Couples?

Bride:No one will care about all the details you stress about while planning. They are all there to share your day, not critique the flowers. They are there to see

Groom:It’s your wedding. Do what you want to do. Something will go wrong, and it won’t be what you think.

Funniest Memory from the day?

Bride:The serendipity of getting our friends to drive the Jeep across the creek for our sunset photos.

Groom: Laura quoted Top Gun, and I mentioned bacon in our vows.

Is there any thing you would change about your wedding day looking back?

Bride:I would have tried harder to be in the moment.

Groom:I would have spent more time with my parents.


Venue | Fall Creek Ranch

Planner | Linda Walker

Florist | Town and Country Floral

Cake | Candy Haven

Illustrator | Color PopArt

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