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July 14, 2020

Our life during COVID

I have never been one to share too much of my own life. I also never in my life thought I would have a blog titled our life during covid. I have always thought that it really says something about a person who doesn’t talk too much about themself. My grandma was someone who never boasted about her life or experiences, she was more interested in hearing about other people and serving people and my main goal as a person is to be like her.

But, everytime I share something about myself on social media it gets more likes and comments than any of my other posts. I often think about the why factor of that. I truly think that people want to know each other, have an inside look at each others lives. Whether that is to combat the feeling of we are alone in whatever we are going through or just to know a person better.

I have to remind myself often as a small business owner that my clients want to know ME. They hire me for the pretty pictures but they are generally hiring me to photograph and intimate and memorable part of their life. Since I am sharing in that moment they want to know they are sharing it with someone they trust.

So, since I deleted my personal Facebook off my phone and am trying to learn new ways to be intentional I want to start sharing life updates here on the blog!

What a better way to start then sharing about our life during covid. I am sure it was similar to many. And, I know that there are varying opinions about how everyone has handled themselves during the pandemic. I am never one to stir the pot or spout out my beliefs so I’m not going to use this as a platform. My family is always my priority and keeping us safe is always on my mind.

We were coming off of spring break as the inital shut down happened. I can remember a day at the Zoo with friends and then weddings scheduled for that weekend. The week was great but people were on edge. Emails came out about school possibly extending spring break….and then that turned into “we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen”…..and then shutdown + virtual learning started.

We thought Frisco ISD handled the transition to e-learning amazing. I don’t know that I handled becoming a teachers assistant amazing, lol. Our teachers communicated so well and were so patient with us parents as we tried to jump in and help. Jaxan was a pro the first week….Addie Grace, took a little more coaxing. We learned quickly that both kids didn’t like the Zoom meetings (there is a whole thing about Zoom anxiety out there…my kids have it).

school at home. Addie always had to dress up and use my ring light to make her videos. hahah.
Lots of bikerides. Addie has no interest in learning yet.
We always find something to explore on our rides. Jaxan found this bike and wanted to fix it up and give it to someone but it had been in the creek far too long and there wasn’t redemption for it (or at least our skill level of redemption)

We settled into the unknown and started to enjoy more family time, doing school, playing games, eating meals together. Nathan started working from home. I started Weight Watchers and walking everyday (that will be a whole nother blog post someday). I planted flowers and we redid the landscaping in the front of our house. I liked the home life. I like routine so it was great for me. It was not great for Nathan or Addie Grace. They are very social!

a lot of outdoor time. A LOT.
My morning walks have become something I look forward to. 45 minutes of getting my day started. Listening to music or podcasts and just focusing on positivity and goals!
I’m doing my best to keep these babies alive.
What a difference for our little home.
Lake Grapevine.

Weddings were postponing left and right. My heart broke for my couples. My heart stressed for myself, my business, my income. But every couple was wonderful. Even if they were upset or stressed they handled things so gracefully!

We made many trips back home to Missouri to our families house by the lake. It is much more rural there so we could hike and be outside and see the lake.

Hiking, crafts, painting at grandmas.
Bunnies with a best friend, fireworks, and swimming with our cousin.
We had to take a selfie at the place we met in 2001!

As June came we turned my original birthday trip (whatever that was supposed to be) into a Galveston beach trip. We felt like we could ease back into travelling (which we LOVE more than anything) with a laid back beach trip. Plus we wanted to celebrate my nieces. They were 2020 Seniors and since everything was cancelled for them we brought them along for a Senior trip.

Since June we have had a couple weddings but with things slowly closing back down a second round of rescheduling is happening. I don’t know what back to school will look like or weddings this fall but I am going to continue enjoying family time!

A few more things we did:

Learned to wear masks. Jaxan broke his permanent two front teeth. Our kids dentist was AMAZING!
Supported the teachers!
Spent time at the creek!
Went to the drive through zoo!
I tried to learn how to take my own portraits. I need to stick to photographing other people!
Jaxan spent two weeks working our families fireworks stands. He loved every minute of it.
Addie got her ears pierced! She was brave and ready. Nathan and I, not so much!
I took my nieces Senior portraits. A LOT of them. It was so fun.
Nathan did every little thing I asked of him during his work from home life (except cut his hair)
Addie grew up into a teenager right in front of our eyes. lol. The color lasts a day (or one wash) but man she thought she was cool that day!

Photo quality disclaimer: Although I am a photographer….all the photos in this post were from my phone. Please excuse the quality of images. When I am not working we are doing real life and sometimes I grab a phone photo and sometimes we just enjoy the moment.

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