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July 14, 2020

Galveston Beach Trip

Our first trip out, as the state of Texas started opening up was a Galveston beach trip. We thought an Air B+B and the beach was the most laid back, not crowded option for a family trip.

We brought our nieces along with us for our adventure, to celebrate them being 2020 Seniors and to celebrate my birthday!

Buccees, car vibes, and Max’s first family trip!
Sunrise walk on the beach.
Almost everyone that got in the water was stung by a jellyfish. They were thick. Addie Grace got it the worst though of all of us. Thankfully the snowcone guy came by right when we needed him.
After the jellyfish incident we thought she wouldn’t want to go back in the water. The next day we made a trip to Target for some swim pants, a rash guard, and some water shoes and she was ready.
This girl would just dance around on the beach and twirl and sing.

I have so many fun memories from this trip. I always just love watching the kids have fun! BUT…getting matching wave rings with my nieces and taking them to get their first tattoos is at the TOP of my list.

My nieces were sweet enough on the last night to grab a few photos of us on the beach! It was super windy! (literally the ONE windy day)

You can see more of what our life during covid was like here. If you would like to know more about our Galveston Beach Trip, our Air B+B, or some of my favorite places to go, send me a DM on social media!

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